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A Cryptocurrency enthusiast since September 2017, I created this site as a way to spread awareness and promote adoption of cryptocurrency and its related applications without needing to purchase it. It is an opportunity to monetize online presence and accrue some crypto assets while simultaneously aiding in the disruption of the overcentralized Big Data model and improving one's online experience.

Some currencies may grow considerably in value as both speculation and adoption increase. And as with any new tech sector, others will fade away. While there will be plenty of disagreement in the crypto space about which are likely to have valid use cases and gain adoption, I stick with projects that have a good chance of giving you a return on your time and energy spent earning them. All presented opportunities have been researched and written about on the Scrimps page, and have been personally used and tested by CryptoScrimper but CryptoScrimper offers no guarantees as to performance or reward for any products or services used by visitors to CryptoScrimper.com

Referrals help compensate for the time put into research and blogging, site maintenance and hosting fees--as well as benefiting new users (that's you!) in the form of earnings you would not otherwise receive. CryptoScrimper is not compensated in any other way by any of the projects and companies listed here. There will also be plenty of earning opportunities posted that do not involve referrals of any kind. 

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All of the content on CryptoScrimper.com is provided as-is without any guarantees. No content herein is intended as financial advice nor is a substitute for the advice of a Certified Financial Planner. CryptoScrimper and its authors accept no liability for any damages or expenses believed to arise from the use of its content.

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